Instant Coffee Spray Drying Pure Arabica & Robusta Blend
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  • Instant Coffee Spray Dry Blend Pure Arabica and Robusta

     -  Raw material source: DA LAT - DAK LAK BAN ME THUOT

     -  Brand: HIVA'S COFFEE

     -  Product characteristics:

          + Typical brown color of coffee

          + The taste is sour, mildly bitter

          + Fragrance: herbal

     -  Expiry date: 24 months

     -  Weight: 100g or according to customer requirements

     -  Ingredients:  40% Arabica coffee and 60% pure Robusta coffee

     -  Shape: Fine powder

     -  Caffeine content: => 2.5%

     -  Humidity: =<5%

     -  Coliforms/g : 10 max

     -  Types of seeds: Robusta beans and Arabica beans

     -  Storage: tightly closed packaging, keep in a dry place, away from direct sunlight

      -  Spray-dried instant coffee is used to make boiling water for instant drinking, as raw materials for production in the food industry, confectionery, beverage, instant coffee 2in1, 3in1, ..

Product details

Aro Bao Khanh Co., Ltd. is committed to providing SPRAY DRIED INSTANT COFFEE spray-dried coffee  no mixing, no artificial flavor, meeting international export standards,

Coffee Products Clean, Pure and original
Products ensure food safety and hygiene
NOT impregnated with any fragrances or chemicals.
DO NOT use low quality coffee beans.
DO NOT mix other coffee beans unless requested by the customer.
The instant products of Hiva's coffee brand are extracted from quality green coffee beans from famous coffee growing regions of Vietnam such as Da Lat, Buon Ma Thuot, Gia Lai.

Our goal is to provide quality instant coffees that are processed by modern technology with strict quality management processes, contributing to increasing the value of Vietnamese Coffee in the coffee value chain global coffee

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